Car mechanics with more than 15 years of experience in car repairs

We carry out high-quality car repairs at adequate prices.Diagnostics with professional equipment, repair and maintenance.In our service you can perform a full inspection and diagnostics of the car before buying it - professional diagnostics before purchase is also an important factor in the future operation and maintenance of the car in terms of costs.

Car service in Riga

We will find the right solutions for any customer needs.Not only with the original details, but we also offer to choose alternative parts that will allow you to reduce the cost of repairs.Adequate and artificially undimmed prices for repair works.Our service masters will provide you with professional advice on the selection of car parts.

We offer:

Car diagnostics and problem cause detectionRegular car maintenanceAll types of repair work for cars

Preparation for technical inspectionInstallation of hooks and parking sensors for the trailerInstallation of automotive tuning elements and other tuning works

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